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Fritz Klimsch

About the artist

Born 1870 in Frankfurt, died 1960 in Freiburg.

Already during his studies at a Berlin art school the young student created pieces that were to linger in the artistic memories of the 19th century and made him gain recognition – before even finishing his education.

Throughout his career his works were influenced by his travels, the societal currents in a time of political uncertainty and change. Especially in Germany populism was dramatically on the rise. Though his inspirations and ideas apparently never were inspired by racist ideologies, Klimsch profited in his rise to become a lasting and remembered artist by the fact that he created art the ruling Nazi’s approved and did not condemn as ‘entartet’.

Sculptures of Klimsch are still to be found in German cities today such as a memorial in Berlin or a water well in Frankfurt.

(Quelle: KetterKunst)


The perfection of the human body sculpture – antique body depiction.

Erotic influences and proud beauty.

(Quelle: KetterKunst)