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Alfred Hrdlicka

About the artist

Born 1928 in Vienna, Austria

Studied arts in Vienna and later added an apprenticeship as a sculptor.

As an artists of the classic, rejecting any kind of modern influences Hrdlicka was a master of the old fashioned.

In many of his works, he deals with human feelings such as pain, despair, fear and threats due to being confronted with the psychically ill at some point in his life. An illustration of situations in which the mind is but at stress, psychologically tested – something he later refers to as displays of political agitations.

Hrdlicka is considered one of the most important sculptors and painters of the 20th century in and around the German speaking regions.

(Quelle: KetterKunst, Hrdlicka Website)


A figurative- expressive style

War and violence as a warning

The political 20th century – torn between different worlds.

(Quelle: KetterKunst, Hrdlicka Website)