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Jens Nagels

About the artist

Born 1950 in Germany, lives and works in Kassel, Germany today.

Before his visual communication studies and working as a photographer, Nagels studied painting in Düsseldorf. The art of painting still influences many of his photography pieces today and has shaped the core of his photographic work: defocusing.

Mainly inspired by the free flow of visual informations that the TV releases into his apartment, the German artist captures moments in a distinctive blur – withholding an objective and central meaning for the viewer. Thus he creates a secretive and darkish atmosphere that leaves the viewer between the urge of seeing and understanding the artists message and the possibility of unrestricted interpretations.

Nagels has exhibited both in Germany and abroad.

(Quelle: Nagels Website)


Creating a distinctive atmosphere leaving it to the viewer to interpret a meaning and message.

Inspired by the art of painting: capturing a colourful and blurry reality.

(Quelle: Nagels Website)