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About the artist

An artistic collaboration founded in 1999, based in Brooklyn, New York.

Patrick McNeil (born 1975 in Alberta) and Patrick Miller (born 1976 Minnesota) who form FAILE are street artists to their core. Though exhibiting worldwide the group still remains focused on the street – their origin.

Paintings, prints, sculptures and installations make up the fundamental approach of the two artists whose pieces usually hide some kind of indirect political statement or include overt messages. In an exploration of duality – as they refer to it – they produce what seems to be a mixture of every-day-life and comic with ambivalent topics such as life and death.

(Quelle: Artsy, Faile Webiste)


Iconographically and stylistically distinctive.

Chance, improvisation, openness to outside source material.

Explorations of duality.

“you could Faile to succeed.” as an inspiration for their name.

(Quelle: Artsy, Faile Webiste)