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A. R. Penck

About the artist

Born 1939 in Dresden, lives in Dublin today.

Though taking up classes for painting and sketching at first, Penck learned the art of painting autodidactically, since he was denied a spot at art schools in Dresden and Berlin. It meant a tough start to his artist career – working occasional jobs and following his passion a bit aimlessly and on a random basis. Nevertheless he found a style for which he is famous today: stickman paintings. Depicting human feelings and emotions, dealing with political messages and other themes, reduced to a central basis and meaning.

The artist constantly developed his style of painting and started to paint in a more neoexpressionist style. Penck is considered among the most influencing and important German artist of modern times.

(Quelle: WHO’s WHO)


Reducing an emotion, a feeling to simplicity. Centralising the core meaning.

Strongly colourful and expressive in his style.

(Quelle: WHO’s WHO)